Splinterlands giveaway delegation #4

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Hello everyone, so we are almost at the end of this season and everyone is trying to grab as much power as possible to rank up higher and earn more chests, prices for rent in a few days will become crazy making not worth it.

So i am making this giveaway, delegation giveaway to help players to get enough power to rank up higher to the next league and earn better rewards, it is aimed mainly to bronze players, to help them the most but everyone is free to enter!

This time i will delegate a Legionnaire Alvar, worth of 500 power


The rules are:

  1. Comment with the account name you wish to receive the delegation (no multiple accounts), and if you would like a notification for next ones let me know too
  2. Reblog and upvote are not mandatory but i appreciate if you like the giveaway and do so
  3. Tips like beer, pizza, luv, etc are appreciated but not required

I will pick a random winner when the season countdown will go under 24:00 hours to end, and i will then delegate the card until the new season has started for some hours so you don't risk to be screwed by the snapshot.

Ping to previous partecipants:

Ping under request:

Use my Splinterlands referral link and after spellbook purchase, ill send you 50DEC to rent some cards and start earn!


GL and have fun!


Please include me. @squishna Thanks

I'm currently in gold league, if my rents, which cost me more money then gain won't be cancelled. But I will repost your post ;)

in @noctury and you can also notify me

ign: quickdrawchev

@tf1ho notify me again next time

IGN: @alexmag1988

Thanks is very hard for newbies like me starting from scratch


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