I Got A Kevin Durant Moment In TopShot. Should I Sell?

in #pob3 years ago

Screenshot 2021-06-30 164624.jpg

I have kind of a love hate relationship with NBA Topshot but I finally got in a drop and scored a decent moment.

It's a Kevin Durant from the Playoff collection and selling it would mean a profit. It would more than pay for the pack.

The lowest ask is $59 and you can see here that is right in line with the history of sales for this moment.


Any thoughts on whether or not you think a KD moment will appreciate or are these the next Beanie Babies?


Sell and run my friend. NFT's have a lot of utility, but the obsessive craze won't last forever

I feel the same way on certain NFTs. (well most actually), but a few of these TopShots may hold out. It's KD right?

Wonder what a KD Beanie Baby would sell for

I'd sell - TopShot is a great NFT platform, but I'd secure the profits on this one.

TopShot is nowhere near what it use to be. Some cards may still have value, but the # of cards they print and the restrictions put in place have driven down the value of cards significantly.

for sure. Im nervous about that new baller score if I sell. I think I have 31 moments. 29 of them suck

Hold if you are not in a rush but grab the fund
if you need it now.

I just don't think people will look to fill holes in their collections. But I haven't sold yet

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