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Very interesting #POBPhotocontest this week and contest topic is ANIMALS. I love to share some animals' photos in this contest. I captured these photos during my wildlife exploration and birding trip to Margalla hills, Islamabad. My first picture is of Yellow-throated Marten and it is very special for me as these are very allusive and hard to find in wild. I luckily captured this beautiful animal while birding in Margalla hills. I was very well camouflaged so they detected me a bit late that is why I got few seconds to capture these photographs.

Capturing a wolf in Morning is also a rare moment. I captured this wolf during travel to Malam Jaba area. This wolf got stuck in front of our jeep as it could not find a way to run. The other pictures of Mongoose family taking sunbath during a sunny day. They have adopted to live near urban area as I captured this family during morning walk in a nearby park.

Sharing few other interesting pictures of animals like mouse as it was busy in eating food so I could get some close shots. Next animal photo is of Squirrel, another domestic animal living around our house. They are very acrobatic and are mostly found doing some thing interesting. My last picture of this post is of a small python sighted along road side. Hope pob community would like these photographs and also comment some feedback. Thanks


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my friend, what amazing photos! What beautiful animals! Congratulations on Yellow-throated Marten, I'm very glad you managed to take a photo. And the wolf, although he is dangerous, even looks funny and harmless. And the mongooses are so cute!

Thanks Sir, yes true observing animals in wild is a great experience.

Oh my, you're so brave. All great capture 👍👍👍. I was enjoying it until I see the last picture, my biggest fear 😅.

Thanks, Yes true as doing birding and my camera was set so I capture this python.

Oh my! You're brave!

Great shots! Especially those of the marten. Roadents are often hard to capture on film. Well done.

Thanks, True marten and rodents are hard to capture as mostly they are active in dark.