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Very interesting #POBPhotocontest this week and contest topic is BRIDGES. Sharing few pictures of Hussaini Bridge, The World's Most Dangerous Bridge in Hunza Pakistan. This bridge is not for faint hearted people as this is a long suspension bridge at 2,600 m above sea level. This is a hanging bridge with six main cables and connects Pasu village with other neighboring villages. This bridge is the only possible way to connect these two river banks. During my visit to Hunza, I tried to cross this bridge and felt scary as it had massive gaps between the wooden planks, many planks were missing and strong wind was shaking the bridge. The place is awesome and I would love to visit again but not sure about crossing this bridge.


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Wow, this is lovely I have never been on this type of a bridge . Nicely done boss

Thanks Sir

Anytime boss

Woa! I wish to try crossing this bridge, it looks adventurous and not for the faint Hearted. Best of luck for this week's challenge.

Yes dangerous and hope no wind.

Wow! That sure is an adventure!
Thanks for joining the #pobphotocontest

You're welcome

Wow,looks dangerous & ofcourse beautiful