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Very interesting #POBPhotocontest this week and contest topic is FLYING. I decided to share few pictures of Airshow held on Pakistan's Day celebrations. Usually this airshow is held on 23 March every year and in this show the main highlight was the performance of Sherdils' aerobatics team. During this airshow 9 jets participated and they performed different acts and stunts. Public specially children love this performance and Photographers also try to find best spot to capture these beautiful moments.

Last year on Pakistan's day celebration China's jets acrobatic team also performed. Being a Pakistani it was a great experience to witness such a professional acrobatic team's display. These colorful jets created a stunning atmosphere with display of different colors. The pilots' control was awesome and they displayed some close encounters.

Famous Solo Turk from Turkey also performed in Pakistan's Day celebration. This acrobatic jet's pilot is very famous all over the world and has performed in famous airshows. It was a treat to watch famous Solo Turk's performance in-front of us. Solo Turk got a huge round of applause from the audience and public enjoyed every stunt of him. At the end sharing a picture of navy helicopter participating in airshow. Hope POB community will like these pictures of Airshow on today's topic of Flying.


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