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Very interesting #POBPhotocontest this week and contest topic is PEOPLE. When I think about this topic suddenly a local traditional Bull Race event came in my mind. As this bull race attracts a large number of people from the surrounding areas. The atmosphere of the area is lively and people of all ages and from all walks of life enjoy this traditional sport. The bull race, which is a popular sport in village area where mostly farmers participate in it with their bulls. These Bulls and their riders must complete a set course in the shortest time.

To cheer and support their favorite bull many people came. The bull race itself is thrilling but also dangerous. as these bulls are very strong and fast so some time they are out of control. These event mostly organize on spring season to celebrate the harvest.


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You have an eye for photography and your clicks are awesome! I have become a big fan of your work. I would love to know the name of the village where you took these photos and when they hold the bull race. I am very excited to witness this event live. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks appreciated, These pictures taken on various places mostly in Punjab. 1st picture Noon village near Rawalpindi, other pictures are from from Chakwal, Kot fateh khan, Gojjar khan etc. Mostly these event organized in very remote areas and road access is not good so hard to reach there. If you are interested to witness Bull Race event I thing this month on 25, 26 feb event held in Kot Fateh Khan near Rawalpindi.

I love exploring Pakistan by road and every time I visit, I try to visit different places.
This month I have to work hard because air ticket prices are really high. And hopefully somewhere between June to August I am planning my trip to Pakistan.
This kind of event is not possible if you don't have any local contact, am I right @lifeskills-tv ?

Yes, true or join some fb pages posting these event posts.

Very cool shots! You've captured some nice action!
Thanks for joining the #Pobphotocontest again

Thanks appreciated

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