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Very interesting #POBPhotocontest this week and contest topic is ROADS. Roads are very important and interesting subject to photograph during travel photography. These roads give us many new points of views and compositions. My first photo of road is taken on Babusar pass near Hunza, Pakistan. This is the most elevated area of the region and is mostly covered in snow and just opens for few months. My 2nd picture was also taken on Babusar top with some majestic background. This pass is a photographers' heaven and also presents some awesome scenic views. I always love to stay here for few hours and test my photography skills.

This photograph was taken during a cycling competition in Islamabad. As roads were closed for traffic so children were enjoy cycling. Other pictures were taken in Murree a famous hill station near Islamabad. They were taken in different seasons from snow to spring. I always feel pleasure taking pictures of roads when some water stream is also in its full flow.

Sharing few other interesting pictures of roads taken in all over Pakistan. You can witness the diversity and terrain difference in every photograph. Hope pob community would like these photographs and also comment some feedback. Thanks


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What incredibly beautiful places you have!😊

It looks quite a bit like the hairpin roads in the European Alps I've frequently visited.
Thanks for joining the #pobphotocontest!

Welcome sir