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Very interesting #POBPhotocontest this week and contest topic is SUN. The sun is one of the most favorite subject of photography. Every photographer tries to capture sun with some interesting point of view. It is very hard to capture sun on camera lens because of its limit. So best time to capture sun is sunset or sunrise when sun rays are not too much harsh. We Photographers call this time golden hour and in this hour sun's surrounding change colors after every few minutes. My first photo of sun was taken at evening golden hour and I tried to capture sun with these bubbles. The next two pictures of sunset were taken at Sea view, Karachi. It was pleasant moment for me to capture this sunset on Arabian sea.

This sunset was taken from my roof and clouds made this scene more dramatic. Next picture is of sunrise on Uchali Lake, Kallar Kahar. I travelled almost 5 to 6 hours all night and reached at this lake early morning to capture this flamingo's flight early morning. Next two pictures of sunset were taken on two different locations and being a wildlife photographer I tried to capture birds in this frame with sun.

At the end sharing some pictures of sunset taken on different locations of Pakistan. First picture is one of my favorite pictures a boat with sunset at Chenab River, Sialkot. Next two pictures of sunset were also taken on Chenab river but with some different angles. My last picture of sunset was taken on Rawal lake, Islamabad. Sun as a subject has diverse point of views and every one captures sun with some unique outcomes. So sun's photography requires some expertise and also some different thinking and approach. Every sun's photo brings some different feel that is why still sun is a most hot subject to photograph. Hope POB community will like these pictures of sunset with unique surroundings.


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Image one reminds me of my childhood. Although it's about sun photography, the depiction of bubbles evokes a nostalgic feeling of playing with soapy water and using everyday objects to create bubbles. I remember running under the sun, playing until exhaustion set in.

Images two and three bring back memories of my recent visit to the beach. I'm missing my niece dearly. The third image also resembles a scene from a movie, perhaps depicting the navy.

In the fourth image, the yellow line beneath the sun gives the impression of a magical mountain in a distant land.

The second-to-last image has a village-like ambiance to it. Once again, you have done an amazing job.

Thanks, Appreciated and your feedback always motivates me.

What a cool effect with the bubbles and the sun!
Thanks for joining the #POBPHOTOCONTEST