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Very interesting #POBPhotocontest this week and contest topic is WIDE. Sharing some landscape pictures taken in different parts of Pakistan. First picture was taken in Gojar Khan area and I tried to capture sunset golden rays. These majestic moments are very beautiful and camera can never justify this beauty in photograph. So, I Captured sunset rays and moon in one frame with multi color horizon. This is very special picture for me as I tried to capture so many things in one frame. My 2nd sunset picture was taken on Chenab River, Sialkot. River and sunset always create some majestic effects and create a wide depth.

Sharing some pictures of Hunza area and first one is of Babusar Top, 4,173 meters above sea level, highest point in Kaghan Valley and is also considered one of the most dangerous routes in Pakistan. In 2nd picture you can see Karakuram mountain range in Hunza. Next two pictures were taken in Shogran and SiriPaya in KPK area, very famous tourist point with mesmerizing view of Himalayan snow covered mountains.


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