Sourcing Materials

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I'm almost to the end of a new build. The shape that my brother and I design this year has really grown on me I have to say. So much so, that I got two more in the oven, so to speak. But, I'm not trying to build the same thing over and over, so I'm mixing it up.


This guitar being a Humbucker/Single Coil combination, seemed, at least to me, that it screamed for a pickguard. A throwback, if you will, a tip of the hat to the Leo fender so to speak. But where the hell do I get pickguard blanks?

They simply do not exist down here. So, I grabbed a broken Vinyl Record my grandma had stored, and repurposed it. It's not only the perfect material for a pickguard, but also, I'm up cycling, which is a win/win in my opinion.

The single coil I'm using here is wound by yours truly, but the humbucker I'm using for the bridge was a gift from my brother. It's a PAF style pickup he pulled out of a PRS SE a long time ago, and I think it will suit this build just fine.


But the Nut?

I don't truly feel like using bone on this one. Why? I can't really make a good argument for it. I feel like it calls for a brass nut. You know... those tone monster upgrades people do on Les Pauls and what not.

But how do I get brass?

Well... if it all goes well, the first chords should be ringing by the weekend.




You are such a rockstar! THe guitar looks so cool 😍

I like the colors a lot and how the print of the wood is visible under the green coat. Nice work MenO!

thank you very mucho!

You do need to be resourceful and it makes for interesting instruments. Using a record for the pickguard is really cool. I have a guitar with a brass nut and it really sings.

Rock on!

this weekend has been crazy, but soon ill post a video of the tone! I can't wait!