There is always a guy....

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It’s not really that I believe the universe conspires for such opening statement, such inspired title to be true, but I sometimes doubt my logical convictions.

Who is the guy?


You know the guy very well. As a matter of fact, the last time you had to take a flight there is a big chance he made your flight a little unpleasant too.

Usually “the guy” thinks himself of someone of grand importance. He seems to not be shy about his “importance” and his qualifications. Usually he or she, to be fair, will let you know about the phds, or the achievements that have given them the special powers the think they posses without you ever asking for such information.

Why do these people exist everywhere? What kind of social/planetary/cacophonic opera has to occur for them to sprout.

I’m reminded of something I learn a few years ago regarding evolution. It may seem like I’m taking a big tangent here, but if you indulge me, I think my point might resonate at the end.

It turns out there is something very interesting in the science of evolution called: convergent evolution.

What this somewhat confusing concept means is that there are critters who may share similar traits. They might even be confused with each other, but they little to no genetic information of any recent value.

If you had to trace back the lineage to find the original branching out, you might find yourself lost in the branches so to speak.

Specifically I remember watching an education video about how many “crabs” are not true crabs and thus are not related at all. Turns out that due to environment advantages, a lot of critters become crabby.

What to crabs have to do with anything?

Crabbies what are not crabs

Well… I think an analogous thing might be occurring the “guys” or the Karens as the female of the species are usually referred to.

There is a sort of asshole convergence happening brought forth by social environmental conditions, which, as far as I know have not yet been identified by social scientist.

It’s interesting, isn’t it?


Is there an advantage to being a member of this type of asshole. A social benefit, that is. Do they do better in life? Do they get to reproduce. One would think not.

Who can stand these people enough time to make a baby?

We love to speculate, or at least I’ll admit that I do. It baffles me that they seem to be functioning in society to make it to adulthood, ride buses, hold jobs and even fly coach, but as much as I think about how they’ve managed all these things having the social skills of trash panda high on meth. I’ve never reach a satisfying thesis, and possibly never will.

For now… I’ll complain to the winds as if they can carry my message to willing ears and percolate some change. I do this knowing full well it’s not wishful thinking of my part, it’s stupid thinking.

And that…. For now at least….. I accept.



Hey, friend. I know them very well. They remind me of how special the truly great, real people are

-staring at you-

good to see you around Serena...

a big hug

Hugs back. I’m around :)