Crypto Queen Ep. 15 - Epic Sues Google, Ganja Loses his Best Friend, and Marky is obsessed with Ned - LIVE TODAY!

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Crypto Queen Agenda This Week:

I'm mostly covering Hive news this week, as it just seemed that is where my attentions have gone for the most part. Feel free to join me today. Hop on mic or in the chats or whatever. We'll do some news for an hour, then maybe hang out after for some useless banter.

doggy.jpegMake sure you go upvote @ganjafarmer's dog, @zeusflatsak. He let us know on this post what it was like for him on his last day with us. Ganja has lost his best friend and I'm sure could use a boost.
marky banfield.pngMarky and his ridiculous reface neds and banfields were basically the entire spectrum of news this week, so.... I don't really have anything to cover unfortunately, other than the trauma he has caused us all.
epic.pngFortnite creator, Epic Games, is suing Google for anticompetitive behavior. Suuuper interesting lawsuit, and potentially "game" changing...get it? We definitely wanna follow this story. Watch the youtube parody here
image.pngNFT Showroom feature of the week: @grey580 and his pancakes -- I just can't adult today
image.pngTentative HF24 Scheduled for September 8th. Read the post HERE
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Thank you. I'm Devastated by this week. And looking like it will be $2,000 to replace my service dog with a puppy.

I've got some funds. But yeah that's going to take a serious hit in my life over this loss in many ways.

I miss my dogger.