Cypto Queen Ep. 13: Open Mic with @littlescribe and @chekohler - naked rioting, bitcoin prices, blockchain bullies....all up for grabs

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Crypto Queen Agenda This Week:

Yes, I admit, I used a cheap clickbait to get your attention.

naked rioting.pngCLICK HERE: rioting is getting curioser and curioser...also, did you hear Seattle closed down their police precinct? Or...was it just the city building, for covid-19 prevention purposes?
image.pngYOU CANNOT TIME THE MARKET: @chekohler shares a little neighborly advice from over the fence. And then, if he's in the mood, he and @littlescribe will debate opposing sides to the "face mask" issue.
RECAP EPISODE 12: JPB Liberty class action lawsuit against Google - they may actually WIN.

Crypto QueenNaked Rioting - BTC MarketingSunday August 2nd, 12pm MSTHive Discord
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thanks @cardboard. Hope to see you there!

I shall be there!

It seems to show the episode from July 5 where I was a guest. I don't think I am on again unless I have lost my mind? :P

There have been a tonne of updates since we spoke though!


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Try this link. I think it is showing just fine.

I'll check on the updates! Feel free to hop on today and we can try and squeeze them in!

Sorry I meant this in your post under "Crypto Queen Agenda This Week"

Screenshot 20200802 at 19.02.25.png

I think your show is at the same time as mine as I came to join after my show a few weeks ago and you had just finished.

Oh yeah! LOL. It's from a template. I forgot to adjust that info.

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