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Hello, everybody and Happy Tuesday to you. Hi, this is just another soliloquy from a very secluded soapbox. I hope you’re all doing well, I hope you’re safe. I hope you’re healthy. And you’re maintaining a modicum amount of sanity in between your ears.

And yeah, I’m excited today to be sharing with you something that I’ve proven in my own skin works, I know that you’re going to enjoy. And yeah, we’re going to jump in, you know, as always, Tuesdays are about tools and services and systems that you can that you can just put into place into your business and make them work. But they’re not they’re not about theory. They’re not about you know, you know, they’re not about the strategy. They’re about the implementation. And yesterday we talked about one of my favorite sorts of which marketing channels which is podcasting and it We didn’t talk about creating your own podcasts, which would be for a future thing. And we didn’t talk about buying advertising spots inside podcasts, which I haven’t tested and I’m doubtful is nearly as effective. What we did talk about was actually participating and being featured in podcasts in your market segment. So targeted podcasts, not just any old podcast, but actually having, you know, established podcasters that have real audiences that have been doing this for a long time. I interview you and invite you on as a guest give you time to transmit your message. And we talked about the power of this and how it allows you to leverage the credibility of the host and the relationship the host has with his audience to get your message out there.

And if you didn’t listen in yesterday, I definitely suggest you go to my LinkedIn profile and you find the video from yesterday or you could go to our blog on greenlight digital and it will be up. If not today, it will be up tomorrow The next day, it’ll be the recording, the transcript is there. So you can you know, if you’re if you’re doubting how to get that information, leave me a comment below and I’ll make sure you get the link. That’s easy. And, but what we didn’t talk about yesterday is how to do it. I mean, we I brushed on sort of the idea but it wasn’t, you know, it was it was all about why you should do it. But I didn’t really get into the how you do it. And so really, the way you do this is not unfortunately or fortunately it isn’t just punch a button and it works okay. This requires effort and it requires organization and it requires a method And it requires establishing relationships with podcasts, jurors that so that they will consider you in a serious way and get you on. So that might seem daunting. And since it isn’t trivial or simple, what I’m going to do today is I’m gonna give you the shortcut, and I’m going to talk to you about a This isn’t a tool as per se it is a service that has worked really well for me, and today I’m going to share it with you. This is one of my secret weapons so be sure to say thank you or say like to this video, let people know I mean, I don’t always give away the secret sauce.

But today I’m going to do it. So get out your get out your Tupperware and the spoon and get ready to pour that sauce into the Tupperware and say that because this is pure gold. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna share the screen here. Have a put it up here. And the service I’m going to talk to you today is called the expert Booker’s. Okay, and I’m going to reach I’m going to tell you this is I know the owner of this company, she has worked for me. Personally, she’s worked for clients of mine. And one of the things I really love about the expert Booker’s is that they do one thing and they do it really well. And what they do is exactly what I told you yesterday you need to do they establish you as a thought leader they drive traffic to your site by getting you featured on targeted and this is really important because you know, the you don’t want to be if you are a business coach, you probably don’t want to be on a cooking podcast. And you don’t want to be on a podcast about video games. You want to be on a business podcast. But if you are, you know, selling a product for gamers that you definitely want Want to be on a video game podcast? So they get you on to the right podcast. They help you extend your network and, and all of this, all of the, you know, you get the backlinks, you get the SEO advantages that I talked to you about yesterday. And it all comes in a really nice package service.

And they that’s what they do and they know how to do it. They’ve got relationships, they have a system, and it’s just a turnkey thing that works really well. So the way you’re going to get in touch with them is you’re going to go to a you’re going to go to expert Booker’s calm. I’m just going to walk you through their website just a little bit here just so you kind of know how their process is. You do get your own personal account manager. Mine is Christina. So Christina, hey, shout out to you. We’ll get you know we got to get some more interviews scheduled soon. You know, they do the research to find the podcast that you’re looking for. So I used one of the ways that I’ve used this service in my business as and here becomes today’s shameless plug. Behold the crypto printers my book, you’ve heard me talk about it every once in a while. It’s on Amazon Kindle version, paper version. It’s for entrepreneurs like you. every entrepreneur should know something about blockchain and cryptocurrency and my book is a great way it’s a fun read. It’s a great way to find out about it. And when I launched the book, I wanted to create demand for the book and I wanted people to start hearing about it. So Christina, she reached she started reaching out to two different groups of podcasts for the blind cat brought up for the blockchain industry and entrepreneurial bot podcasts in general.

And I’ve done quite a few of both of them. I think we’re up to like 35 caste or something. And yeah, I’m wholly satisfied. So this is a, you know, this is a, this is coming from a real experience of having worked with Natalie and her company and Christina, and whoever the account manager you will have once you get this setup. So they take care of all of the, I hate to say I hate to use the term but they take care of the grunt work as well. So they not only do they do the research, but they find the they contact the hosts or the producers of the podcast, they send them the the outreach messages, they follow up, they they schedule, the interview dates, so and then they coordinate those so that they’re on your calendar, they’re on the podcasters calendar. They also follow up afterwards to to find out how the interviews when they get the links and make sure that the podcasters have the links to your website so that they can so that they can post links back to your site. That’s really important because that’s where you get the SEO benefit as well. Because remember, these are links that are coming from great, high PageRank sites, they’re coming from Apple, they’re coming from, you know, from Spotify, they’re coming from from platforms that transmit authority, not only are you transmitting authority to the audience’s that are listening to you but also to your website through these backlinks.

Another thing that they do which is really important is they help create the media sheet that you need for this outreach to the host okay, because in the end, the hosts are looking for good candidates for good, you know, interesting, engaging people to be on their show. They don’t want boring or you know, people to come on in stutter poorly or I’m sorry, that wasn’t a nice thing to say. But they’re looking for communicators looking for people with something to say and that can say it, you know, that have a have a message that’s well thought out and are you know that and then looking and part of the way that you generate that interest in yourself is by presenting yourself well, so I’m going to show you this is the, this is the media sheet that they created for for me when I was launching the book, here I am and all my, my great headshot there, you know, put in here a little bit of a bio thing, you know, some questions that so that you know that that the, the interviewer can ask you so now they’re already getting an idea of, you know, how to structure the interview so that you’re making it easy for them, topics to discuss. So here, you know, you’re trying to capture their their interest and make them understand that you’re going to talk about something that’s going to be valuable for their audience.

And then it’s also really nicely branded the you know the cut the little the link to my book this links to everywhere it’s got links to my blog, and to my Twitter and my Instagram and and boom it Yeah, they put the logo on the bottom as well. And this is a this is one more piece to the puzzle that might seem like something simple to put together and it’s probably not, you know, I’m not saying this is, you know, this isn’t a multi million dollar design job. It’s just but it is well put together. It looks good. And it it and they use this as a tool when they’re reaching out to podcasts. And you know, it’s important because there are we talked yesterday there’s 800,000 podcasts out there, but some of them are really kind of crappy. You know, they don’t they don’t have an audience. They’ve got four episodes and the last episode was published, you know, three years ago. Well, you’re not going to be on that one and you don’t want to be right. You want to be on podcasts. have hundreds of episodes. That means, I mean, that means it has an audience that means people are listening because you know, even the most stubborn person in the world isn’t going to be doing 300 episodes of a podcast where nobody’s listening.

So, you know, they they do those filters, they get you on, you know, they do that research, they make sure that this makes sense from a business point of view. And I like that because it is aligned with my business goals. You know, if you know, I’m not doing this because I want to feel important, you know, I mean, you know, I’m not doing it because I’m, you know, hoping to be, you know, invited onto Oprah. Although Oprah if you’re listening, you know, I don’t know, you want to talk reach out, leave me a comment, Oprah in the comments below and, and I’ll reach back out. I’ll get on, you know, I’ll find some time for you. Sorry, I just couldn’t help making a joke about Oprah. Okay, yeah, you can see you know, here’s some More, some more information on the BIOS sheets that they create. You know, how and and then here say an idea here of while this is just for creating bio sheets, you know, they’ve got a blog, they’ve got interviews here. And yeah, I was going to walk you through just a bit about their pricing.

So you do have to understand this is a process, this isn’t going to be something that you’re going to sign up and boom, you’re going to start doing interviews The next day, okay, because there’s work to be done, they have to create your bio sheet they have to start reaching out, they have to send out, you know, they have to do the research on the podcast, they have to filter out, you know, which ones are their candidates, you know, then they have to send them the email outreach, and they have to respond back and they have to get it on the calendar. And once you have the interview, then you know, on your calendar, then you have to do the interview. And then that interview Once it’s recorded has to go goes into the podcasters schedule and their pipeline. So you know, there is a time shift here, it isn’t gonna be, you know, this isn’t a, you know, Facebook ads where you can basically slap together an advertising campaign and boom, it’s live today. Okay, this is takes effort, it takes work, but what they do is here, you know, you’ve got some different price points, and they guarantee you a number of interviews that you’re going to get, and you’re going to have your account message, you’re going to get them there and they’re gonna, you know, so even if you, you know, you know, you you really need to commit to doing this over a period of time.

Okay, you know, to, to podcasts, interviews, don’t that’s not going to be a that’s not going to probably, you know, you’re not going to create a wave in the market. Okay. I mean, it’s great, it’s good. It’s better than zero by all stretch of the imagination, but You need to be you know, doing it. This should be a part of your, of your long term marketing strategy. Okay? In my opinion, if you have to choose between investing in SEO for your website or doing podcast interviews, my gut reaction is you’re better off doing podcast interviews, the bulk gonna take time. But the honest to god truth I mean with SEO is you’re always susceptible to whatever algorithm change Google decides to do. Okay, so your SEO is always going to be sort of like trying to game a system against the most brilliant web engineer team on the planet who are trying to engage their search engine. They are trying to find the best content for people who Looking for stuff, and you’re trying to make sure that you’re squeezing in ahead of it.

It is what it is. And I’m not here to criticize SEO. But if you know that these are both sort of middle you know long term strategies. I know for a fact that you will get results with expert Booker’s, they will get you the interviews, you will do the interviews, they will be published. And you will get you will start building true authority in the in the marketplace, and you’ll get some SEO benefit from it. Whereas if you only do SEO, well, maybe you know, in six, eight months, you’ll be ranked for a few keywords. And hopefully that’ll last for a while. They’re probably going to be you know, and if you’re doing SEO in the States, you know that it’s a lot more expensive than the prices you’re seeing right here. They just have a big nice package for 4439 3995 you get 2400 That’s a really great deal. And you know, they can be spread out over various months. So anyway, yeah, that is what I’m here to talk to you about today. I knew this wasn’t going to be a super long live stream. But I do really want you to understand this is a this is one of the services that I’m very happy to talk to you about because it really works.

So if you do reach out to the expert Booker’s, please tell Natalie she’ll be getting in touch with you tell her that you heard about it on my livestream that would make me that would tickle me I would be really happy not because I get anything you know, there’s no nothing coming back to me but it’s just kind of nice. If you have any questions about about the service or about podcasting in general about your marketing, please leave me comments below. Like the video let me know. You know, if there’s anything I can do for you, stay safe. If you’re bored, stop watching Netflix for a bit. Grab it. copy of my book on Amazon get it in your Kindle or in your you know, or grab a paper copy if you really want to kill a tree. And, and yeah, I appreciate you listening in, do start doing podcast interviews, it’s good for your business, now’s a great time. Like we said yesterday people are consuming content like crazy right now. So this is a great time to be doing it. And thanks a lot for listening in. Take care stay safe. Bye for now.


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