Podcasts - The Amazing Credibility Boost You've Been Craving

Are you doing podcasts? I don't mean you need to start your own podcast (although it's not a bad idea ;) but instead are you actively pursuing podcast interviews? If not, you're missing out on one of the best marketing opportunities around. Tune in today as I discuss

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Hey, hello, everybody. Happy Monday to all and welcome. I hope you all have a really safe. Happy his weekend as you could I hope things are going well I hope you’re staying safe. And yes, welcome back to another edition of the soliloquy from a very secluded soapbox. And today, like most Mondays, I’m going to talk about marketing. And I’m going to talk about something that I have personally used significantly and I know it is a amazing tool that you need to be thinking about. And it is also a tool system a way of marketing yourself that is often neglected and people don’t really appreciate the value of it or they don’t they don’t realize how powerful it can be. So So let’s jump in here. And today we’re going to talk about the amazing power of podcast marketing.

And I want to just jump in here. And first of all, just tell you that it’s one of the most under considered marketing channels. But it is enormously powerful. And we’re going to talk about why it is important for you to be thinking about, we’re going to talk about, you know, some of the tactics and how to use podcast marketing correctly. And, and I just wanted to give you a little foreshadow that tomorrow’s it being Tuesday, and we talk about tools and systems and services, online tool systems and stuff. Tomorrow, I’ll be talking precisely about how we do this and give you the absolute easiest way to get this going for your business. So let’s just jump in and talk about podcast marketing. And here we go. So, uh, you know, just to get this here, I’m not going to talk about the three brains, you know, I always put this in, I’m going to skip it. But I do want you to know that you know, there is a strategy about why, why this is powerful for your business and it has to do with the limbic brain. And it has to do with something that is we’re going to see is very, is very powerful in the ink conceptually. But let’s just start off saying about quiet podcasts. Why Why do you Why don’t you know, you know what podcasts are, but why? Well, first of all, there’s over 100,000 of them out there right now.

And there’s over 29 million podcast episodes that published okay 32% of people in the US have listened to the podcast in the last month. Okay. So it is a very, it’s a huge number of people. It is growing, it is one of the channels that is growing very quickly. 45% of podcasters Have an annual household income of over $250,000. And 39% of small and medium sized business owners are podcast listeners. So that gives you a real Those are some stats that give you a real should give you a real appreciation for why this marketing channel is so powerful. But even more so right now, you know, after Netflix and Disney plus and the Amazon Prime and the other streaming solutions out there right now, podcasts are probably one of the go to places that people are going to keep themselves occupied and, you know, they’re consuming content and podcast is really this is an amazing time to be on podcasts and getting featured on podcasts. So let’s jump in a little bit more detail. And here’s the the The limbic reason why this is so powerful is because your message is instantly more credible when you’re doing a podcast interview. And by the way, I this this this presentation, what I’m talking to you about is not a, it’s not about buying ads in podcasts, and that could be a decent strategy and I’ve seen people use it and there are ways of, you know, there’s some platforms to get out there. But for me, it is that isn’t the the key way.

Okay? The best way to do podcast marketing is to be get yourself featured on podcast to be interviewed to beat to participate in the conversation. And when you do that, you are your message that you’re putting out there is instantly being leveraging the credibility of your host. Okay. Understand that the you have to understand the dynamics of how podcasting usually works. People subscribe to podcasts that they like, and they listen to them and they don’t want to get behind. So they’ve listened regularly. And what they’re doing in that by doing that is they’re establishing a very, very close relationship with the host of the podcast, okay? It’s his personality, his or her personality that is coming through that they are, you know, his or her focus on the topic and their podcast for any topic you can imagine. You know, there’s a because so here’s the so this is a see these these podcast hosts are building this relationship with their audience. And when you come on are interviewed by the host and you’re having a conversation and you’re talking about something that is interesting that the host has already determined is interesting for their audience. And you’re you’re putting yourself in the position of being a close friend of a close friend. And that is instant credibility. And that’s one of the key reasons that podcast marketing can be so effective.

Okay, so let’s jump in, you’re leveraging the host relationship with their audience, and you have to be really careful, you cannot defraud that opportunity. Okay? So you have to approach the interview from the mindset of that it is an opportunity to engage with the audience of somebody who’s worked really hard to build this relationship with their audience. So you have to put in your part of the effort, you have to make it entertaining, you have to make it valuable. You have to have something important to say, you can’t just come on and be you know, hey, I’m here to talk about myself and what I do, you know, you have to make it about the audience. Okay, you have to focus what you’re talking about, with the idea that the host, it will recognize that you’re providing value to their audience, because that’s what the host values more than anything They value their audience and the trust their audience has on them. So if they’re able to gauge you as a, as a participant as a, as an, an interview as a knight in, you know, being invited into their show and providing their audience with real value, then they’re going to be really happy and that conversation is going to go really positively. And that’s going to be perceived by the audience. Okay. So, um, let’s talk about, you know, quiet, you know, the real keys here. First of all, you’re leveraging that relationship and that gives you instant credibility.

But you also have time to build trust, okay, so I want you to think about it. You could go out and buy traffic to your website. And you know, it doesn’t matter if you pay a penny a click or $20 a click OK. You’re going to bring people and they’re going to go to your website. They’re going to make a split second decision about whether they’re going to stay. Many are going to decide, no, this isn’t for me, we’re going to leave. And the ones who do stay are going to stay it a minute or two, maybe two, maybe three, maybe they’re gonna read something, maybe if you’re either going to sign up for an E book or a lead magnet that you’re offering them to read a piece of content. And that pretty much Is that all you’ve done, that’s it, they’ve got okay. So you know, whether it be a penny or whether it be 20 bucks a click, you have very little time with that person in that moment. Now, a podcast interview is completely different. Okay, you’re having a generally somewhere around half hour to an hour of conversation with the host and through that with the posts with the podcast audience so you’re have a lot of time You’re This is quality, interaction, okay? This is engagement on a much deeper level than buying traffic or sending out an email, one email blast. So you have some time to build trust with that audience.

And you have to remember that the audience is investing in you, they’re giving you all that time. Okay? So value that make it as fun and engaging as as good or as interesting as it possibly can be. And and then the audience will get a return on their investment. So instead of paying, let’s say, $2, a click to your website for to maybe reach, you know, let’s say you’re going to spend 200 bucks or something, then you’re going to be getting 100 people to your website and those hundred people are going to have When they, you know, maybe maybe 50 of them are going to spend two and a half minutes, three minutes engaging with your content on your website. Okay? So make run the math on that you spent 100 bucks, you’ve got 50 people who have been there for two minutes. Okay, three minutes. Let’s get it a lot long track. Now, imagine that it costs you the same 200 300 bucks to get it to be to get an interview on a good podcast. And imagine that podcast has, you know, maybe has 5000 people listening. Okay. Now you’ve had a 2530 minute 45 minute conversation with, you know, a certain percentage of those 5000 people that are subscribers to that podcast.

So say let’s say there’s 1000 number. Okay, compare the math. You’ve got 1000 people that have listened to you for Half an hour compared to 50 people that have engaged with your content for three minutes. And you know, the numbers come out really well do the math and you can see why that that is important. But it’s not only that is that that podcast episode has a very long lifespan it doesn’t go away. Now of course, you know, the, the listeners are going to are going to be front loaded mostly people are because people subscribe to the podcast. So they’re trying to keep up and they’re listening to every episode if they can. So most of the listeners will be at the shortly after the podcast has been published. But the cool thing is that that episode is always there and it has show notes and it has you know, a description it has a title so it can be found. People you know, maybe people come back and they listen to it again. Are they are they are they falling behind and then they come back. They can Chuck, you know, a few weeks later, so you know that podcast episode isn’t going away, it’s going to be always available. Okay? That episode being published, you know, those show notes everything if they if you can get the the podcast platform to include links back to your site.

Now it’s great for SEO, because now there’s links coming from very reputable sources like apple and like Spotify and you know, so many other podcast platforms, and they’re pointing back to your websites. So that’s awesome for SEO. podcasts are great ways to do list building because you’re done a lot of the pre selling ahead of time. So by by making sure that you’re offering that audience something of value to get on your list, those are going to be some of your highest value subscribers on your email list. Because just think about they’ve listened to you Not only have they read a blog post or have they seen a YouTube video or whatever it is that you’re doing or they’ve seen a social media thing or they download it, you know that downloaded an E book. These people have heard your voice. Sometimes they’ve seen you because some of the podcasts or use video as well. They have heard your message straight from you unfiltered. So they’re already very receptive. Okay. And then understand that these interviews are easy to repurpose. You can take them you can get them transcribed, you can convert them into blog posts, you can. You can share them on social media, you can edit out snippets and published snippets. There’s so much that you can do with the podcast interviews that you can, you know, really up the value that you get from that investment of your time and effort to be featured. So These are some of the reasons why podcast marketing is so powerful and so interesting.

Now, I want to give you just some tips and best practices, okay? I’ve done a bunch of podcast interviews, I still do them. I’m constantly trying to get featured on good podcasts and experiences showed me that first of all, be very personal, okay, showcase who you are, be a person. Let your personality come through. Doesn’t matter if you’re, you know, be who you are, be authentic. I mean, you may be you’re quirky, maybe you’re eccentric maybe you were born next to Roswell, New Mexico and the UFOs. were flying over the hospital when you were born, as in my case many years ago, and that caused some cosmic disruptions. And it shows through you know, you’ve got pointy ears, or you’ve got your eyebrows one of your eyebrows goes up every once Someone like you Mr. Spock, hey, these are things that happens to the best of us, okay, let it hang out there, let people see that that’s okay. They will appreciate that authenticity. Okay. Second tip that’s really important is to understand who the audience is. So ideally, you want to listen to a couple of episodes of the podcast before you, you actually go on. I know life gets in the way. Sometimes that’s not always the case. But at least make sure you have a conversation with the host beforehand.

So you get a feel for who their audience is and you know who you’re talking to. And don’t don’t do the same stump speech on every interviewed. Okay? Now you can talk don’t make you don’t have to worry about every one of them being completely unique and separate because we’re many podcast audiences don’t overlap and that’s an even if they did, you’re just reinforcing your message. But do make sure that you try to make it as personal To the particular audiences you can, and the only way you can do that is by having a conversation with the host ahead of time getting a feel for what the podcast is all about. And also listening carefully to the questions and the style of the host when you’re doing the podcast interview. So, you know, try to get that try to create that rapport that that feeling with the host that comes through in the episode. Okay. Also, be sure to repeat your message, okay? I don’t mean to be a robot, but definitely hone in and drive it home. Don’t try to just don’t think you’re going to be boring by saying this, you know, don’t use necessarily the same words and phrases over and over again. But make sure that you you really hammer in the core messages that you want to get across. Because that’s what the audience is going to take home with it. Okay. And any politician will tell you that it you know, you repeat, you know, You say it once or twice and say it three times.

Okay? And don’t try to say, too many different things in the same interview, try to keep a constant theme for that interview. Okay? tell stories. Okay? tell stories that illustrate your message. This is so important because when you start to weave a story into what you’re talking about people really their ears perk up and they start listening. Okay, maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you the story about when it rained frogs and my grandma, my grandpa. Okay. That was a good story. I remember that one. I’ll tell that one tomorrow. So I’m going to open the lead here and leave you dangling until tomorrow. And tomorrow. Be sure to listen in carefully for the story of the rain products. Okay, have a media sheet for outreach you’re going to need to get Okay. One of the questions you have is how do you get on to podcast interviews? How do you How does it work? Well, basically you have to reach out to them and you have to say Hey, I would like to be featured on your podcast, here’s a here’s a quick PDF a one pager that tells you who I am what I’m about but I want to talk about and why it would be a good fit for your audience. And, you know, that is the the mechanics in our following through our, you know, you know, scheduling the you know, getting it all there’s, there’s a lot of a lot of moving pieces in there, but that’s the overall strategy. Then number six, be sure to promote the episode once it’s live.

Okay, you know, the host is going to promote it, they’re going to put it out, they’re gonna put on their social media and everything that they have, you know, every week or every day or every two weeks or however often your schedule is they’re pushing out a new episode. So your episode Don’t count on your episode being the number one priority for the host. Okay, their episode there, they’re there. Once they’ve got it out there and they put it through their promotion process. Then moving on. We’ve got another Episode in the pipeline. So you it’s up to you to really push them and get them out and get people listening. And it’s also good for it. Because when the host sees traffic coming into your episode, then they’ll know that that was a good episode and probably recommend you to other podcasters. And then last but not least, have a very clear call to action, okay, and be sure that you, you make that call to action a couple of times. And I recommend that you give them something of value, so that that client, that call to action actually has value for them.

So sometimes I’ll have them go and sign up and get the first four chapters in my book for free, for example, but it could be any lead magnet that you have, you could make a special landing page. This is a great idea for people coming from the podcast. So you can measure how many people are coming in from podcast interviews, and you can tag them on your autoresponder So that you know who they are, you know, these are just good business practices. So, with that being said, if you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments below. Reach out, let me know. By the way, if you haven’t already grab a copy of my book Behold, the crypto printers is about. blockchain technology is about cryptocurrencies, and it’s about entrepreneurship. And it’s about how to leverage these amazing technologies to make your business stronger and to get you over, you know, to get you to the next level. So totally recommend that you grab a copy. It’s a fun read, you’ll enjoy it. And thanks again. That was the shameless plug for today. If you do have any questions about podcast marketing, reach out to me if you’d like to talk about anything else, here I am for you. That’s why I’m doing these daily live streams. So yeah, just a quick, there’s contact information. You also got the comments below. Thank you very much. Thanks for tuning in. Have a great day and talk to you tomorrow. Bye for now.