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IMG20180502140255.jpgphoto is mine

My mother is a special part off all that's
Cherished in my heart. She is my pearl,
My soul and my guide.
She is the one who makes life great.
She is an angel without wings, who
Makes life special with the littlest things.
Whenever i am in need of love
She is there from the heavens above,
Whenever i am in need the of a shoulder,
There is no one as devoted as my mother.
He presence and love has always been there.
Everything in her nature is to only care
With soft hug and counsel.
The world seems more beautiful and blessed
I am sorry for all the times i caused you
Pain, but after these brief storms, my
Life still remains.
I love you so much, i will love you forever
I wrote your in my heart and it will stay
There forever and ever.