Waiting for the sunset by enjoying the afternoon sky on Pasitallu Island

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When the sun began to fall, the atmosphere on Pasitallu Island became.
Breezy breeze, soft waves and soft white sand become friends ngabuburit waiting for afternoon sunset At the end of the Selayar Islands, South Sulawesi there is a pretty little island. Pasitallu his name.

This island is located between the cluster of Takabonerate Island. When the sun began to fall, the atmosphere on Pasitallu Island became syahdu. Breezy breeze, waves, and soft white sand can become friends






Pasitallu Island seemed to be the most ideal place to wait for the fasting.
Traveler can sit on the sand while feeling the sensation of sea water rubbing your toes You can also get around the island of Pasitallu.

Pasitallu Island only has an area of ​​2,000 square meters. Within 1 hour, you can already round this beautiful island. Tired of walking around, you can sit back while chatting with friends. I'm so fun, you can forget when you're fasting.

Thirst and hunger will disappear instantaneously. Lastly, let's hunt twilight. Pasitallu Island has a beautiful sunset

Hopefully my afternoon story can like you all thanks