in #poem4 months ago (edited)

My mind wandered with the flurry
from dishes to the driveway
I left before navigating
the backroad byway

Everything covered in white
snow flirting with reality
too warm to leave a trace
too cold to rush hastily

Why is it -- i thought -- these leaves
these brown leaves never fell?
they are the only color accent
besides the pine green swells

besides me I see time lapping
while I revisit time returns
the clock reminding me
not to take too long

But between the ticks
I slip further and further
and how my brown calico sweater
meant that the universe and I

We're being matched together.


With the flurry
Everything I buy
melts to nothing
Everything I try
becomes nothing
What remains
is from emanating me
from the light being
growing inside these
flesh walls saying
even reality
can't limit my energies
and everything to come
is because I am ready