poem: somewhere between a table and a dream

in #poem2 months ago

press right there
with your hand
like a padded paw
like a jaded beach
like a footprint in mud
I slip in between the table

I can hear myself breathing
see you so plain
giving me a massage?
I can feel my face pressing
into the C shaped pillow

You look through
my x-ray skin
and see exactly where to puncture
where to press
where to twist
until my pain bubbles up
and away like the
carbonated spring water
you have set aside for me

a drop of oil lies on that water
a bit of jasmine and myrrh
frankincense and cedar
at ratios and frequencies
only you know

I slip back into the moment and look up
you are smiling waited for me to rotate
so I face up

I am facing up
and the warmed blanket
accompanied by stones for my back
has me in a new trance

I see winged librarians
descending up and down an empty bookshelf

How did he do that while he felt this?
who dealt with this before him?
what did he do different?

How did she sit there and make him love?
a deep love he didn't know resided in him
but was there squatting in the gut basement?

He asked it to leave and it would not
For it was the part of himself
that he forgot

How did she talk in that way
give him that look
that melted all sewn suffering
into a brook following the decline
of a hilled street

How did he think that was possible?
what gave him a way to overcome?
emotional cognative and spirital
obstacles of ostentatious design

How did he come to know spirit
and how deeply it is woven and intertwined?

I hear myself snoring and realize
I am sleeping even though I swear I am awake
or a part of me is awake

But I look to my right and floating there
is a zodiac clock
It makes me lose my pattern of thought
my approach demands me to reach out to it
because it isn't close enough to grasp

As I reach a book materializes into my hand
It isn't a book of poetry
but one that is written by me
from the future where I can see

That all this was a game
a challenge to see if I suffered or celebrated
If I could bring me and my light to any moment
no matter how dark or delightful

I shake my head and see she has moved from my head
down my back and forearms
did some interesting swirl around the abdomen
then moved down to my legs

At this point, I am so relaxed
she could grab my wallet and smack me on the face
and I still would have this dazed grin

Well this floaty out of body
part of me is grinning
That guy down there is drooling