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to be grateful for small
is to be one with all
the tail of our ways
the form of a swallow
the wheel of our days
some deep some shallow
we find our decay
what we wish to end
we find our sustain
what we do in heaven

i look upon what I would love to do forever
where I get so lost in the act
when I feel the tether of the bliss thread
i would never sever
on seeing the crowned head
i fold hands together
on returning to this life
i do my best to make better

filling a page, three a day
freewrite facts and fables
forces one to be empty
unblocking deterrants
renewing the vibe
to the lovely forgotten self

they now know
the fruited hand
blessed from the seed
the dirt, the sand
tilled from the hoe
the fertile land
we call home

mercury, mercury, mercury
bless my life with your light
bless my mind with insight
bless my path with your way
bless my mouth with divinity

purged of the ego
death to all self
i didn't have a place
of health or wealth
i wasted away
bones burned from the sun
i thought i was lost
loved by no one
but then you came
stroked my inner arm
your love made a place
a stable in the farm
not a place I could visit
with my naked eyes
but an etheric state
where I could forever dine
love becomes that memory
felt in loneliness
clung to until you are new