POEM: Universal Mind

in #poem7 months ago

oh curious universal mind
let us take challenges bleak and bright
that let our foe stab us grim
until we are robbed of our might

you know it is so when two ripe souls
see life in the wilds and whims
do they love what they see?
or pierce it until it is dim?

if it is loved, the river rubs rock
from a multitude of stones
hugging jagged blade forms
into hand held gentle om

if it is killed, the blade marks flesh
with word thought and deed
but the careful mage uses this death
and encloses it in a seed

the seed becomes all the ways
and paths one could go
all the things said thought and done
until every way is known

then the seed is lifted up
and the best paths for fruit
are laid and locked a
with light so the dross
melts away like a body sheds a cold

oh mages, imagine
take all that you have
everyone you know
lift them to the light
love them as though they are their best
that the universal mind may know

Inspired by listening to Dolores Cannon, The Game of Life and How To Play It, and Kabballah concepts.