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Who has the biggest spear?
Who is willing to grasp on tighter.
Swing harder.

Step back
And out of the way
When things get swinging.
Spin out of the death roll.

Who can play the game better?
If you place the pieces on the board.
You are only a chessmaster.
But if you make the game???

You become Dues Ex Machina.

A god in the machine.

The handle on the bar that swings.
The chain upon the scale.
A spindle on all to pivot.
Tip of all swords.


Nay... It is something beyond.

The structure that holds the level?
The sand in the glass?
The shape of the goddamn hour.
Where is the meter for a minute?
I am lost.

The bar was lifted too high on one end.
The slant is too steep, not ONE can climb the stairway anymore.
Heaven became a mouthpiece.
And we all fell to sin.

Satan is lord.
And we are all his disciples.

And He never.. truly.. Existed.

It was all human..

After.. All..