Original Poem: An Ode to Blows

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An Ode to Blows

Asteroids fall.
Rulers rule.
Volcanoes blow,
And so do you.

Dedicated to Iceland's Mount Keilir.

~~~ embed:2tGq-_yMyv4 youtube ~~~

*This poem was actually written by @whatsup but was #swagger-jacked by me. Get some!


Hello fine sir.

I am erupting with emotion after reading your poem. Simply beautiful.

I’m also amazed to see so many familiar names still shit posting around these parts.
Y’all crazy!


BTW...you're back just in time to make pixel art NFTs and sell them for millions!

Haha. What a joke. As much as I love crypto I fucking hate it sometimes.

Yeah. But...it's easy money right now. Get it while it lasts!


I thought you died! Good to see you again!

Not dead. Yet.

If only I had a place to NFT my Poem, it couldn't have been #swagger-jacked

An NFT totally would have prevented this. Now you know for next time!

b00m swagger-jacked like a champ

Because I AM the champ!

Hi @ats-david a poem with elevated tone and possible volcanic eruption.

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