Distant Friends

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"A friend loves at all times,
    and a brother is born for adversity."

- Proverbs 17:17 -

It's good to have friends.

I have them in "real life," and I have them, near and far, on Steemit.

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A few kind words...
Image courtesy of Damian Zaleski and http://unsplash.com

Sometimes a few kind words have a large impact.

A few kind words from a far off friend blessed me today.

Words from a Friend

It's late. I'm weary.
Kind words arrive from afar,
Hope flows in again.

Table of Contents

Words make a difference...
Image courtesy of Aaron Burden and http://unsplash.com

It is indeed good to have friends.

Thank you, friends, for your kind words and your prayers.

Your kindness is not lost on me.


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Table of Contents

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Thanks for your time and attention.
You are why I'm here on Steemit!
I have very eclectic interests and hope, over time, to write about them all.

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Amen, blessings my friend! :)

Thank you, friend! :D

Deb me you posted - I wasn't expecting it so soon. I'm double-blessed today, my friend to see two posts !

See, John? God does answer your prayers... ;) Hope your batteries are getting recharged... :D

How true, sometimes all we need are a few kind words of encouragement. Thanks for all your wonderful posts here on steemit, creatr. May God bless and keep you always

Hello again, friend @eyeofthestorm.

Thank you very much for your kind words today. And I'm glad to hear that you appreciate my posts! :D

...thinking about you it-is-well.jpg

:) :) :)

Praying for your family. ;)



Really???? Thank you soooooo much.

It's amazing how that happens. As an introvert, I find the power of interaction easy to overlook. The final line of the 'ku says so much more than the 5 syllables it contains. Good write, @creatr.

Thanks so much, friend! :D

I have always considered you my friend since I joined Steemit in May. Through reading your posts and learning of your life, you have been a dear mentor who I have looked up to. I can only provide a small reflection of the original that you are. Thanks for your wisdom and understanding when I have troubled you with my interests. You are a blessing to many and I truly value your friendship and kindness.

Thank you, Troy. I am very glad for any blessing I may have been to you.

Hope glowing in from our eternal Source - that is a good thing indeed. Be blessed Brother. :)

Thanks, buddy.

I am blessed. You are part of that blessing. ;)

I have many poetry.
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