Nuremberg 2021: Dead Before Their Time

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“There are lies, damned lies and statistics.”
- Mark Twain

Can poetry break through mental blocks?

I pray that it might...


Seriously, Is This Worth The Risk?   ~   Source

A few words of introduction before the poem...

Is informed consent important?

Do you and your loved ones truly understand the risks? Have your government, your healthcare professionals, and your media sources given you a full picture of what may happen—what's actually happening today—all around the world?

Are Facebook's "fact-check" reassurances enough for you?

I suspect they're cold comfort for Adrian.


And another one bites the dust, apparently with FB's blessing...

Here are my observations in verse...

Please note: Though in poem form, the content is fully documented; just follow the links.

~Nuremberg 2021: Dead Before Their Time~

by Duncan Cary Palmer

Facebook's quick to reassure:
"Covid vaccines go through tests
For safety and effectiveness."

They check for you
So you don't have to think.

Suggest you get in line.
"Roll up your sleeve; it barely hurts.
You'll be home in no time."

Uncle Joe says "Get it now;
It's safe, effective too."
Do your duty, take the jab,
Rah, Rah! Red, White, and Blue!"


So, some people just like you—
Here's a few to bear in mind—
Responded to these siren calls,
Swallowed the headline.


The TV told her "Take the shot.
Don't worry, you'll be fine."

Her daughter's now an orphan;
Kurill's dead at thirty nine.

Judy's mother got the shot,
Started seizing all the time.
They put her on five different meds,
And now she's cased in pine.

Dr. Michael?
First a needle,
Next 'thrombo-cyto-penia.'
Though treated in a clinic bed,
Two weeks later, Mike was dead.


So, you can get the new vaccine,
And still get Covid, too?
What happened to Francisco,
Might well occur to you.

"No need to worry" say the docs,
"Their deaths are not akin."
But if you die "with Covid,"
It's the virus "done you in."

To get the latest, breaking news
From those who've had the shot,
Join this Facebook group;
You'll learn what's true, what's not.

Is vaccine safety overstated?
Realize this—perhaps belated—
Being "fully vaccinated:"
Doesn't help much
• Can be deadly
• Might be overrated

The risk of Covid's overblown
By pundits far and near.
Why not just boost your native health?
Please, put your mind in gear.
Bolster your immunity,
And overcome your fear.


What are your thoughts?

Let me know in the comments below.


CLICK if you're at all curious as to why I refuse to "bare arms..."


Unimpeachable Government Logic   ~   Source


Will you miss your mom, like Judy?   ~   Source


Could the 'cure' be worse than the disease?   ~   Source

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