Sleep Machine Maturation

in #poetry11 months ago

Freedom is the illusion

Poisoned by the solution

Poised in desolation

Destroyed is my destination

Broken by my reflection

Token of my affection

Crazy is my infection

Cured by annihilation

Defend my dejection

Deafened by this insurrection

Inculcated by the rejection

Sickened by the manipulation

Cult like affliction


Cut-throat like desperation

Control for my completion

A soul for deletion

A toll for my depletion

A hole in the inhalation

A goal of restoration

Pick now the punctuation

Fuck now fornication

Funk now disco nation

Punk now living pixelation

Stolen from my reclamation

Scold now incrimination

Sold this installation

Stroll down this stratification

Fuck me for the purification

Fuck me For salvation

Fuck me living temptation

Fuck me in my self-isolation