Move The Border

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In the prison of the mind with the new challenges of a delicious reality, smash the broken ideas with destructive emotions as we make a new home in the knowledge tree. Let's say through the windows of the mirror while we are talking with character mask, be perfect in the intentions of pure desires.

The names of the illuminated ideas of light alone are just what we really do, give us away and give us the power of eternity through the metamorphosis of energy potential. Behind the hills, the field smells like love, the flowers touch the soul in your beauty.

Imagine freedom with love emotions of pure exotics, walk in the feelings of positive vibrations and create an oasis of abundance on the foundations of a pure heart. Take dust off your eyes and see the essence of life, open up for new wisdom.

In our story, the art forms become a rainbow that covers us in dreams, you are incredibly magnificent with the power of pure heart. The lighthouse of love shows the timekeeper of our time, together we go to the open adventures of the future while creating the energy of love.



Hi Sir, @dobartim is right to express the mind is "like a prison", so we must take care of them a lot -> I really like a short verse that I find in the bible in the books of Wisdom that says:

First of all, take care of your thoughts because they control your life.Proverbs 4:23

It is true that the way to renew ourselves and achieve this pure search is through the growth of our thoughts.

Romans 12: 2 Do not live according to the criteria of the present time; on the contrary, change your way of thinking so that your way of living changes and you come to know the will of God, that is, what is good, what is pleasing to you, what is perfect

let's continue in that search. Excellent poem!

Awesome comment

Excellent poem.

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