It's still you (original poem)

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I may not be rhetoric
to write a hundred poems
I may not be good with music
to sing you a love songs.

But i will always have you
here in a special corner of my heart
And i've been missing you
like a whole missing it's part.

I've never wanted to go away
but neither can i stay
What can i do,if fate is not by my side?
tell me,it's so hard to decide.

It's still you
and will always be you
I just hope that you'd know
that everyday and night im still into you. I love you more,
than the sun loves the sky
I love you forever
but i have to bid a Goodbye.

This poem by @gug711


Great work my old friend ;-) Lovely poetry is uplifting

thank you my friend you are guiding me to the right path

Beautiful piece!! Have a wonderful day! Happy Tuesday! Cheers! :-)

What a picture showing the theme of the poem

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