Cryptography for liberty

in #poetrylast year

bitcoin blue pixa.jpg
Post quantum age cryptography
has come of age for privacy
like zero knowledge snarks and more
consensus algorithmic score

As multi-party computation
makes us each a sovereign nation
proof of keys to your own town
where everyman can wear the crown

No kings, dictators, high elite
to keep us down, enforce defeat
Monero, Dash and now Zcash
A Piratechain to move our cash

My taproot to your lightning node
will build upon the Bitcoin code
usurp the banking class elite
the crony bricks in the Wall Street

They called them once too big to fail
those central banks too big to jail
but blockchain makes them obsolete
milllenials, bring them their defeat

Satoshi set the coin to roll
anonymous beyond control
now proof of work has set the trend
and proof of stake’s there to contend

With verifiable delay
of function now leading the way
It’s proof of brain that rules the waves
did you hear - Satoshi saves?

So get your sidechain on a roll
cryptography to ease your soul
a trustless system’s here at last
reserve bank boomer time has past