Steem on but think TRON

in #poetry10 months ago

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The Sun has risen on our Steem
Am I asleep or just in dream?
Or is the Sun about to shine
and chase away these dreams of mine?

As Justin Sun acquires our ship
will steem from all our sails now slip?
Or will the Sun infuse our sail
with new trade wind curation trail?

I shudder as the steemship creaks
will this reveal still more cracked leaks
Or shall the steemship’s Captain Sun
like new brooms impress everyone?

This sudden change within the tide
has caused a ripple few can hide
for now the FUD on our blockchain
appears to sway our course again

The TRON train now is our main source
of shelter, and of blame of course
if any rigging comes undone
we’ll all turn to our Captain Sun

I never thought - for not one day -
that steem would one day go the way
of being subservient to TRON
it looks like all the magic’s gone

For now we are subservient
to some less noble bittorrent
a poorer project high in rank
does steem still rise or will it tank?

Farewell to blockchain sovereignty
for our steem is no longer free
obliged to TRON or to the whim
of Captain Sun to sink or swim

That gambling drunkard now our boss
looks like a full blown heavy loss
if not in coin then still in shine
as Sun now overshadows mine

That Sun shines only for himself
and his TRON train and all it’s wealth
our steem now vassal to his state
as Sun now dictates all our fate

What say ye lads do we now bale
or will that Sun who looks so pale
revive our steemtron just in time
to challenge Voice as I find mine?

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