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Star of Autumn,
Harbinger of the first cold winds
Your winding path turns
Green to golden fire

Star of Unburdening,
Shed your woe
Leave yourself bear
Your limbs naked and exposed
For all to see

Star of Approaching Slumber,
Your light signals
The coming of soft white bitterness
Of hazy flurries and bundled Darkness
Your warning to find shelter
And stock the fire

Star of Transformation,
Promising change and bounty
For those with faith
Seasons will change
Life will return
Red will turn to green

Orignal artwork created by myself.
Images used are CC0 Creative Commons, sourced from Pixabay or Pexels.

You're more than welcome to download the full-res image here, if you want a wallpaper.

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Much apprecated in advance :)

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions, so please leave a comment.

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This is MajorMajorMajorThom, over and out.

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Perfect for the end of summer.
The days begin to shorten.
And the nights grow long..

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Thank you for sharing this lovely poem. I really enjoyed the repeated images about Autumn, and Fall. It is my favorite season, and I enjoyed thinking about leaves turning from green to red, the coming winter cold, and especially enjoyed the images you wrote about in the first couple stanzas.
It reminds me of poetry from when I was younger. The first line in each stanza is really what gave me that reminder, it also reminded me of John Keats and some of his odes. Thanks again for sharing this great piece!

I totally forgot to comment on the picture itself. I really like the trees in the band around the star. I like how the poem connect to the art work, and has good color, there's Dynamic, and draws my eye and a bunch of different ways. I could look at this for a while.