Spare Her Life

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I am hurting.
More than physical pain.
But I have faith.
And that’s what keeps me going.
For how long?
I can’t tell.
That’s why I’ll keep on praying.

Given a chance,
I would like to bargain—
Trade something that I have.
A precious thing that I could recompense
to spare the life of my love.
Something that I could sacrifice so that their pain would stop,
But I only have two things;
Them—my love
and the other,
my own life.

As lowly as I can be,
I supplicate courage.
Down on my bended knees,
I implore strength.
Bawl my heart out,
I beg for mercy.
Lifting all my hope unto Him,
I shall not doubt or worry.

My mom was battling chronic kidney disease and its many complications. She has been in pain for long and she managed to hide it from us. Learning about it, everything seems to shatter. I can’t describe the pain and guilt that eats my core. I just want her pain to go away...

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Prayers for you and your mom. May God send healing.

Thank you @wandrnrose7. I appreciate that.

You're welcome and I send comfort your way.

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