Lesson learn, be careful on posting your private keys., thanks for the support @therealwolf

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I learned from this experience, thanks for the support @therealwolf,

@bosuro, i have a poem for you.

you're a thief in the night, hope you will be happy in your life.

hope that God will bless you more.

for your personal life, and your family.

Hope you can sleep well. ^_^

God will make his Justice for you.

Have a nice day.


Be careful

thanks bro

This is a great warning giving to all steemians on posting or sending their private keys in any way, as memo, comments etc, thanks very much for the message.

yes your correct

Yeah, thanks

Just be careful buddy !

While every mistake is a lesson for us.

All of us must be alert and extra careful each time.
May the God touch the heart of these people, hoping that they will change for the better.