Family 3.0

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One shan’t disregard small traditions.

In ‘dutch’ the expression goes: “Wie ’t kleine niet eert is het grote niet weerd.”

Which freely translates in to: ” Whom does not revere the small, isn’t eligible for the big picture at all.”
(That is most certainly my translation in an attempt to cross language an actual sentiment of an expression)

While enjoying the great George Carlin through the by now aged but incredible speakers, the thoughts meander towards food.

Fyi: Gizzards are always giblets. But giblets are not always gizzards.

Family 3.0

It’s only with empathy that people grow.

Red bold colours, valleys and rushes, peaks and crushes.

There is no up or down, just a connection between creatures of the always more.

It’s a simple equation, does one care or is some species of (edit) fear in the way?

It’s a hug, a look a chair or a sting filled with humor that does not lead us astray.

A bond comes with time. My father said, not so long ago, experience is a positive sense when you’ve assembled a bag full of mistakes.

See it for what it is, like ripples in all kinds of lakes.

Thank you all!

With love,


P.S.: Concerning the mentioning of all the lovely people, I know it's customary to reach out with an @ here and there.

You know whom you are and while roaming the ecosystem today my conviction that a poem stands, just like that.