"Second Chance" ... an Ode to Hive

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Second Chance

In life, second chance; a rare circumstance,
To right those things which were wrong,
To learn from mistakes and mend them the breaks,
Find strength again to be strong.

But lessons are hard, and left were you scarred,
Afraid you are to believe,
To dream as once dreamt for fear now preempts,
Afraid it’s just a reprieve.

Go find them your friends on whom you depend,
As they depend upon you,
Now stand back-to-back to face all attack,
Like soldiers in war used to do.

Like bees in a HIVE, collectively strive,
Strive to help one another,
Your swords and your shields as one on the field,
Each man, as if he your brother.

Take back what was lost no matter the cost,
For cost the price of conviction,
And with it your steel go face it ordeal,
Then guard against dereliction.

In life, second chance; a rare circumstance,
For once, is all that life owes you,
Take not it for granted, the seed now replanted,
That seed … your second debut.


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My man Quill! You were one of 5 people I was hoping to see back and posting the most.



Hey Zeke. Let's hope this thing works. :-)


I am just catching up. There is a lot (and nothing) going on...


To learn from mistakes and mend them the breaks

I do hope so. Time will tell.


I think crypto-based social media platforms are the best mind-warping mechanisms ever invented for turning optimists into pessimists. And that includes every medieval torture device you could name.

"Learn from mistakes and mend them the breaks ..."

Don't bet the farm.


I most certainly am not. Betting anything, let alone the plot. Although, candidly, if I can milk the system (if I eventually get it), I will.

I'm glad you're back @quillfire, the community was quiet a little while when u were gone. :)


Hi Zord.

Well, I've been saving it up.


I vote for this to be the HIVE anthem. We should sing this every morning. Just after the beard inspection


You get it to anthem status (before payout) and I'll grow any gnarly-assed beard you insist upon. :-)


Can you tell?
I am happy to see your words over here 😃
Here's to 2nd chances...


Kaer, let's hope we can avoid making the same mistakes twice.