Indigo Child

in #poetry3 months ago

Every condescending word
pressing your energy seed
closer to the ground

Every rejection
pressing your need
to be valued and heard

Every slap in the face
betrayal of new and old
friends that you loved

Is not enough
to squelch your fire
my nuanced nascent covenant

You are sent to ensure
conformity is met
with courageous ways

You are sent to shine
shimmer your energy
while others think darkness stays

You are sent to be
and in your simplicity
overthrow oppressions grip

You are sent
and you will be
the first free step

as we forget the sound of the whip


DJ angels
like cloud mixers
never agree on one way

To share the day
with those that play
with air and height

Waves of tomes
cover poems
of the wandering oceans

Words recoil
like speaker soil
giving way for crisp commotion

The hue of freedom
is our trust
we bring ourselves to every eye

As every mode of water
twirls in angled beams of light