POEM: Behind the spins

in #poetry7 months ago

I will be honest with you, friend, I had stopped writing poetry. I was into other things until someone, trying to hurt me, said of the poetry I published here that I was with my time, "Writing poems that would never be read."

I am at the stage (read last poem) that statements intended to hurt don't anymore. I see them as the alchemist. Sent to me with energy (shadow or light... doesn't matter) and I am to be faithful to the universe to turn this into good.

As the universe is abundantly faithful to me. Turning all matter of energies into immediate good, or lessons that lead to long term good.

The biggest lesson for me now is transmuting things. Insults into excellence. Old memories of painful relationships into fountains of youth and vigor. And it is entertaining.

To be honest, I used to be insulted and it would echo in my head... over and over. But transmuting this energy identifies the truth that the divinity of all works and conspires to bring me heaven on earth. Even if it doesn't feel that way in the moment.

I immediately wrote a poem today, but deleted it, because I would prefer to 1) get any insults out of my system. 2) use the raw energy to make something new.

Back in the day, working with NANOWRIMO, I devised a metaphor lab. I will use it to write today's poem.

The process is simple. Make two lists. One list is sourced from things in your visual field. And the other list is sourced from things in your imaginative field. The second list can use dreams, events from the previous day or conversations. Be like a squirrel as you do this for everything your awareness touches will be poured out onto the page. And you will be purified of anything blocking you from appreciating your goodness and the goodness of the moment.

Am I trying to butter you up by saying you are a volcanic eruption of goodness? Absolutely not. I am merely stating the truth. It is this truth that those who know radiate like suns on the earth. Those who don't know, pull others down and themselves with words thoughts and deeds, until their god, Molech, sees all humans levelled and sacrificed for nothing.

The endurance shows that recognizing goodness in all peoples places and things, tends to bring one to a state where you realize it is true, and you find yourself smiling at thinking of your post office worker in their best light. The grocery clerk as a hidden angel. And the person who puts tickets on cars as an abusive jackass that needs to find a new job... but is still also a hidden angel somehow.

List 1:

List 2:

And you read through the list. Meditate on the usual and the unusual. Eventually some odd combo should hit your muse and when you write it will be lovely. Do try it and comment with your results


As the earth spins
it forgives
blessing all with night and light

For judgement would freeze its turn
and turn darkness into permanent night

As my eyes spin
I observe
the blessings in your face

For your photograph holds my busy mind
and turns my heart to your pleasant grace

As my hands spin
they collect
energy from air like dirty dishes

For careless cables connected to fables
must be cleansed and mixed with incense

As our hearts spin
they love
blessing our time together

For holding a grudge is a painful elbow nudge
and we'd rather hold our flame to paper