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A field of birds
feast on the extra course after the rain

There could be angels or aliens
above these clouds... they've stayed and haven't changed

I wait for the perfect time
when burdock's flowers rust and bees buzz back to a queen's bosom

For the root of all this
is that it is in me and I am at home

Why do cicadas
schedule their orchestra on the hottest days?

Why does the mint
hold parties for flies butterflies wasps and bees?

Why do the mums fan
out so vast they hide every edge from here to Belize?

Why does the bronze fennel
leave hints of licorice with an impression of anise?

MJ prompt: "gardener in a lush English and Japanese garden, watercolor style, high detail, hyperrealist, cinema4d, cinematic, --ar 3:1 --upbeta"