Always Be True

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I swung him around by the hand
And I said
You promise
You'll always be true

He'd laugh and he'd smile
He would pull me in close
And say
I've eyes only for you

Years later I found
The true tale
to this hound
He sniffed after any old bitch

But with him I stayed
Of his temper
When he raged and he'd call me a witch

Then one day I snapped
With the iron pan
His head I did rap
He fell to the floor still and blue

I pulled at his wrist
Sighed at those lips
I'd kissed
And whispered, you promised you'd always be true


Beautiful blend of horror and romance

Thank you, that means a lot.

I understand...i'd do the same.

I hear you there :-)

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i enjoy your post! thanks. upvoted!

No you didnt

good !!

yes, it is