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I see them you know.

Not just in the dark.

Not just out of sight.

They haunt me,

They're coming for me each day and night.

Through the park in the early morning sun.

A tree bends against the wind

A gaping mouth in it's terrible trunk shrieks for me.

I run. Fast as I can, till it's out of sight.

Shopping in the afternoon, a doorway yawns.

It's snarling maw, clashing with foul crusted fangs.

I turn and flee, my heart pounding with fright

Returning home. Slamming shut the door

I teeter on the jaws of the monster in the floor

It crumples its trap in one ghastly bite.

I see them you know


I like this poem :] it really was something different! & late at night :]

makes me wonder , if the monsters are real or imaginative!.. either way ... unsettling
glad to come across your page, nice writing!

Thank you, is often late at night that the pretty comes to me :-)

Nice poem. It reminds me that the moment we recognize and accept that the monsters are in ourselves, we don't have to run away anymore. The monsters around are only reminders that we have to look deeply in ourselves - to be completely honest with yourself means to confront your inner monsters. The honest eye of Truth destroys the need to flee. It may sound scary, but the recognition of our own darkness is the liberation from outside monsters.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Thank you! It was my inspiration, that feeling of seeing monsters everywhere but ultimately when alone at home realising that the monsters are all within :-)

Haha yeah, we could say that our thoughts are the biggest monsters :D

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