Be of light (poem)

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I really want to see the positive side of humanity, of those who by their actions do not expect anything in exchange for the other, who think with their hearts in their hands wanting to be there in any situation that I merited, being so imperfect and so far from the purity of goodness. The true beauty of the human being lies in offering what they can, even when a greater sacrifice is needed. Is it because of love, or for the welfare of someone? Reasons can be many, so I just want to take the opportunity to write a poem to those who are beings of light in this earthly world and those who try to find their light too.

The earth needs more beings of light
that in his heart they emit kindness,
emit rays of hope.
Let them help without waiting,
that they know how to give colorful flowers and
not crossed out expectations and vases where
shine a well-being.

Beings of light
Giving wishes and stars of good,
that with their swords in hand fight,
against the impulse and impure human nature so individual.

Beings of light
those who with their fiery life
they can light the heart off of others,
those that warm and warm the souls cooler and more distant
of love.

Those beings of light,
so scarce in today's world,
shining in the most unexpected places,
although in monasteries they are giving prayers for others.
You see them in the actions that mark the men of the least you can

Beings of light
that despite their imperfections still know how to shine
of different tonalities, granting the purest heat equally.

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