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Hi friends, I would like to take the opportunity to express through this post a poem of that feeling that comes to us in the most unusual and beautiful way possible, and hits us with such force and softness. I mean the inspiration or the creative process that drives us to translate into our writings and other media, what we want to convey, I hope you like it.

I am again before you, recreating you in my writings
I have given you life, although you are a mythical figure
On the darkest nights, you illuminate my path and heart
As the sun's rays dissipate the shadows within me, illuminating my soul
You taught me to burn this desire in passion, and I knew the cold in the absence of your warmth.

When I met you, you were a reflection of me, I was filled with emotion that we were just one
To take you and be a part of you, to be a fusion between desire and a beautiful dancing melody, although it was not like that
You were never really mine, because you can not anchor a soul in freedom, my selfishness is not so strong for it.

Today you are just a memory, although yesterday I looked at you, I kissed you and bit you, I consumed you like a cigarette
It drove me crazy that you were just for me, while the remaining smoke took you away at the same time and you were one with the wind.

That was the case at the time, but now I'm going to recreate and give you life in my notes
because you are the best for me, you carry a part of me even though when I want you are not here and you come back alone when I do not expect anything from you.

Thanks for reading my post, have a good day.

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para quien sera este hermoso poema . felicidades vale. tienes talento e.e ... como siempre digo a quienes leo que escriben poemas y si intentas ponerle el audio donde tu recitas el poema, eso tal vez haga que sea mas disfrutable la experiencia. saludos stairway

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