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The Steemian

I start a new day
And log into my page
To see what I missed while I slept.

No word about plagues
Or zombies astray
But somebody's pissed about theft.

"They stole the rewards
By voting in hordes
From accounts that are probably puppets!"

While others seem bored
I climb up aboard
To eliminate the dishonest ducats.

After my flags
I vote under tags
That are able to hold my attention.

But most of these lads
And their pictures of vag
Don't bother to read what I mention.

"Don't show me the goods
Or 'what's under the hood,'
Just give me enough that I'm teased."

If only they could
Understand that I would
Upvote them all when I am pleased.

I go to my wallet
To see if I called it,
"The price will go up overnight."

But guess what has fallen
And keeps me from ballin'.
Yes, the STEEM price. That's right.

Now that I'm down
I look 'round and around
And filter through all of the spammers.

But mostly I've found
That great sucking sound
Of rewards being drained by the scammers.

I want to be nice
And give good advice
To those who try to be great.

Yet so many times
They feed us their lies
And hope we don't retaliate.

So after six hours
With full voting power
I finally find a few posts.

Some photos of flowers
Or cold whiskey sours
Are subjects I favor the most.

After some thinking
I find that some drinking
Really makes Steemit more fun.

I pour a big glass
And plop on my ass
Then finish my Coke with the rum.

Now I'm all set
To surf on the net
And be entertained by the masses.

But what would you bet
To know that I've yet
To make it beyond you jackasses?*


*I don't really think you're all jackasses. I just needed a rhyming word and that rum is getting to me!

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This would make a great rap song.

Make a rap video with these lyrics!

This deserves some attention. Upvoted and resteemed...

Such captivating poetry you have here my fellow Steemian. ;)
My newfound love for poetry made me gladly follow you.
Keep them words flowing! (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Lucky steemit... Nice poetry

Nice Post !! Thankyou !!

nice creation

nice! i upvoted you!

PD: for all steemians on this post... follow me and i follow you bros! join me in this world of steemit looking my posts :D

@supergoodliving It's getting hot in here!! :p

Interesting speech thank you

I love your meter! Not enough poetry these days follows a predictable cadence, but when it does, magic!

Thank you! Meter and rhyme-schemes is what I think poetry is all about! At least for me. That's what I like best. I don't understand the poetry that's just regular writing sprinkled with fancy words and metaphors. So boring!

I've tried some of that (free form) and I'm just not good at it. It's a lot more fun to wrestle with a line and make it conform to your will. 😀 You're good at it. You would make a good addition to our poetry workshop conversations in Discord! Hope you'll stop by sometime.