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However the word has accepted defeat,
A heart still withered,
Denying hope and hope for the future ..

Maybe today I say able,
But today my heart fell in the abyss,
How can I dismiss your shadow frontal in this mind,
Can not..
As much as my strength to try, the results are in vain ..

One belief that gives meaning in my spirits,
One wish in the mantle of pulling the threads will hope miracles ..
That's the wait ..

No matter how much time I waste,
No matter how much the tears long for,
No matter how many absence cause injury,
No matter how much futility I'll get,
I do not care how long and how hard it is to go through this ..
My waiting is only edged when you come ..

This waiting will not stop,
As long as you are still silent in hesitation,
As long as you're still looking down at the sunlight ..
Remember this my wish,
When you say it's over, I'll kush it.
If you say it, then I will stop.

Your words are the key to my waiting for this long and then ..
And the god who bears witness, how much my strength is clinging to the determination of union with you.
Because love in this waiting, not just words that are justified.
Love in this waiting without a reason, why he is there ..
Because love is unable to state the cause, it exists without knowing the reason ..
That's the beauty ..


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