Anyone Remember Online Poker?

in #poker2 months ago

Hey Hive! sup.

just a quick poll... anyone in here remember the old school online poker games? Anyone miss'em?

tell me your story!



Not so old-school.. but 2004-2005 was 15+ years ago... So, that's something..

ha, i remember Bodog! you should come play with us more, @evolved08gsr!!

I will definitely try to stop by more often. It's been tough lately, keeping up with the little ones thru Covid and still having adult interactions. I'll check my login now

I played the Bodog $25 tables back in those days.

Once upon a time there was a native princess names Apricantaus...

hahaha! :blush:

She tried her hardest to play poker with the cowboys but kept betting incorrectly.

I miss lucksacks tbh

As Im writing this comment im playing a sesh of NL50 in Natural8

it's not called lucksacks but we're still playing, @dontstopmenow! you should come back!!