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Authored by @tuck-fheman


BROfile Stats Pages's latest edition to the site is our BROfile Page with Player Stats and play styles. It's still in development, but far enough along to show the world now.

Even better, if you're a BROwingman Supporter you can also view other Players statistics and play styles as well as their Tournament History to get an edge on the competition.

Here I've selected one of the biggest Donkey's on the site to see how bad a player they are. Wow, only Wins 5.29% of the tournaments they enter, I'll definitely be playing aggressive against this one! Oh wait, she's on my Team. 😒


Ring Game

The Ring Game stats are not yet complete, but it will be along the same lines as the tourney stats which still have more options to be added in the future. We plan to present most all major stats that you will find on just about any Poker Player stats site.


Tournament History

Want to know how a Player is doing in the tournaments? Are they winning a lot of constantly dropping out early by donking off their stack? Here's where you can find out!

On a Player's BROfile page simply click the "Tournament Stats" header on the table and it will open a new page to that Player's Tourney History giving you the low down on them. Again, only BROwingman have the ability to view other Players history, so why not become a BROwingman today and help support the site!


See You @ the Tables!



Ouch... Beth you need to up yer game! :D Donkin... wow. LOL

Nice work on the BROfile pages T, much appreciated! :)

HEY! Donkey?!??? sooo rude.

but for real, Team BIT gonna CRUSH!!

"donkey" is a term of endearment, for donkey's giveth the most chips to me.

I think it's time.