5 Hive NLH Freeroll - This Sunday!

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5 HIVE NLH Freeroll!

You are invited to my 5 HIVE Free Roll on Father's Day the 19th of June... it's free to play with no entry fee. 😀 All you gotta do is show up and take those chips to win HIVE!

Login/register at Lucksacks.. and join us for some NLH Action. If you got some time to spare, and need a break from the heat and the grill.. join us!

Last Week's Results:

Place1 = @sevendst19 2.50 HIVE
Place2 = @mad-runner 1.50 HIVE
Place3 = @rpren 1.00 HIVE

There were 14 signups to last week's tournament.. everyone who played got 1k pay tokens courtesy of @antisocialist. There will be more pay tokens awarded as a bonus for future tournaments until the stack is depleted. Be sure to hop on over to @antisocialist's blog and show some luv.

Lucksacks Tournament Info!

If anyone is interested in hosting a poker tournament, just D.M. me on Discord: inthenow#8900 and I will be happy to help you get one started. 😃 There are a ton of new options to choose from.

How bout it? Wanna take a chance, and have some fun?

You think you got what it takes to win? Maybe you have some poker skillz hidden away, undiscovered. 😉

Everyone Is Welcome To Play!

Tournament Information:

Name: 5 HIVE InTheNow Freeroll

Game: NLH

Time: Sunday at 3:30 p.m. EST

Buy In: Free

Registration: 24 hours prior

Payout: 5 HIVE

Lucksacks Poker

See You At The Tables!


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Thanks my friend, I appreciate it! 😃