Info for March 20th London Protest

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If you're going to the London demonstration here's a few tips:

πŸ‘ Don't engage in conversation with police. Ignore them and keep walking.
πŸ‘ Know your rights of protest under Common Law and Section 29J of the Public Order Act.
πŸ‘ Bring cash only. No bank cards.
πŸ‘ Leave driving licence at home and anything that can identify you or your home address.
πŸ‘ Bring water and snacks and also a mini first aid kit if you have one.
πŸ‘ Dress comfortable especially footwear.
πŸ‘ Make sure your phone is fully charged and set on Airplane Mode to save battery.
πŸ‘ Remove all touch screen ID settings on phone and set access to password only.
πŸ‘ Keep together with friends and don't get split up.
πŸ‘ Keep walking with the crowd and avoid staying on the edge of the crowd as much as possible.
πŸ‘ Have a great day