Canadian Election 2019 -Stop The Globalists!

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This is an Opinion Piece

Canada is facing the most critical election in its 152 year history.
The Globalists, the UN and Radical Islam have established a beachhead in our country.

Since Justin Trudeau was elected in 2015, Canada has been on a downward spiral Economically, Socially and Spiritually.

Trudeau has never worked in his life. He played his youth away. He has no accomplishments, yet he became the Prime Minister of Canada. He cannot form a coherent sentence unless he reads a teleprompter or memorizes his talking points. With his promise of legalizing pot he garnered a huge amount of votes. He turned the Government into a legal drug dealer.

Canadian Energy

Trudeau, like his father before him, hated the west. Trudeau senior destroyed our energy industry and it took almost ten years to recover. His son thought he would try it again. The private sector had plans to build several pipelines and gas plants. At the same time Alberta foolishly elected an NDP party run by Rachel Notley. Her attack on Alberta's oil and coal sector was swift and costly. Cheap coal fired power plants were closed. These plants have some of the most advanced technology there is. Instead of exporting our technology to an energy hungry world she killed it.
Trudeau brought in laws that eventually killed off private investments in energy. They left in droves taking their investment dollars with them. Over 100 Billion dollars and thousands of jobs were lost. Calgary, Alberta used to be the energy center of Canada. As of 2019 it looks like a ghost town with millions of square feet of office space vacant.
City Hall struggles to find enough revenue to keep the city running. Almost 200,000 people lost jobs during this period.
Justin Trudeau, along with Rachel Notley, planned this demise!
A Carbon Tax was imposed by Alberta and the federal government. It was all based on the UN and IPCC that fudged the numbers to make it look like the end of the world was nigh. Yet China and India have not put any of these plans into effect. The US did not fall for the scam. They rejected the Paris Accord, thanks to President Trump. The US is one of the only countries in the world to reduce CO2 emissions and all without the Paris Accord.

It wasn't enough for Trudeau. He wasn't finished. He created a tanker ban on the west coast saying it was to protect the whales. It was only to landlock Alberta's energy even further. Then Rachel Notley rented thousands of oil cars to transport oil out of Alberta. It cost us billions more to transport oil in the most unsafe way. No lessons were learned from the Lac-Megantic rail disaster that killed almost 50 people and destroyed most of the downtown. The explosion had a one kilometer blast radius! Pipelines are a lot safer.

Lac-Megantic rail disaster.jpg

Then after he had kneecapped Alberta, with the help of the traitor Notley he bought a 70 year old pipeline for 4.5 Billion dollars! To understand the impact this has not only for Alberta but for Canada, Alberta has contributed over 100 Billion dollars to equalization payments, of which, his own province of Quebec has always gotten the largest handout.
Alberta's oil sands is one of many across the world and through environmental regulations it is the cleanest of them all. You have to understand what the oil sands are. They are the largest natural oil spill. Mother nature is to blame. The oil companies are actually performing a massive oil cleanup while providing wealth for the nation.

Trudeaus real feelings about Alberta

Oil Sands Production - Beforeoil sands.jpg

Oil Sands After Land Reclamation
Suncor wetlands.jpg

Trudeau then subsidized green energy and fields of monstrous wind turbines and solar panels sprung up all over Canada.
More on Wind Turbines Here


This Buds for you!

It was an easy sell. There are millions of Canadians that smoke pot. He said it was to stop the black market on drugs.
That was a LIE! Cannabis dispensaries sell pot for twice the price of the black market. Many of his elitist friends made an awful lot of money buying into cannabis distributors. They were the insiders and had advanced knowledge of what was going to happen.
Can you say "Insider Trading"?
As with most things the government gets involved in, it has been totally mismanaged. Let's face it, it was nothing more than a cash grab. It is just one more thing to break/stretch our social fabric. Kids now believe it has become acceptable and don't realize the health risks involved. What will be next? Cocaine, LSD, Ecstasy? Drug use is a slippery slope.
Justin Trudeau is the poster boy for drugs, mainly because he abuses both alcohol and drugs!


Our society has become more divided and this is all part of his Globalists plan. It is the same plan the Nazis used. The same as the Communist used. The same as the Socialists and Fascists used.
First divide the population then conquer them.

I have covered this in two previous articles that you can find


Our Canada was founded on Christianity. We used to be a nation of church goers. A people united in our faith. The same faith the majority of us followed. The same faith we were taught.
Trudeau is doing his best to erode our faith in God.
Gay rights and Pride Parades, Gender Dysphoria, Bill C-16 (mandatory speech), Pedophilia, Bestiality, the education system that teaches our children about things they do not need to know of this perverted and depraved lifestyle.
And every year the Pride Parade gets more and more depraved.


It somehow reminds me of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodomy comes from the word Sodom!
I have tried to find a picture of Trudeau attending service at a Christian church. I haven't found any so far.
What I have found is a lot of pictures of him praying at Mosques! Why is that?


Trudeau has flooded Canada with Muslims. A lot of these Muslims are radical and preach hatred of all that are not Muslim. The Infidels (that's you and me) are nothing but inferior beings and as such they can kill us and/or enslave us and use us for sexual pleasures. And the Koran blesses them for this! He has let known Islamic Terrorists into this country after their failed wars. And there are more coming....many more!

The seeds for a Canadian Caliphate are well under way even now!
I have said this many times and I will say it again. There are peace loving Muslims in Canada that respect our laws and only want to live in peace and raise their children.
One of the Greatest Imams is this man.
Imam Tawhidi
He fights for reform in Islam. He is hated by most of his fellow Muslims.
He has been warning the west for a long time about the perils of importing Islamists into western countries.
We have seen the effects of this all across Europe. Rapes, murders, bombings and Sharia law.


One has to ask themselves why we don't have any Christian refugees?
The answer is simple: The Globalists are at war with Christians and White People. White Christians have become the most hated and abused group in this century.
Trudeau has few morals, fewer economic plans, and no ethics. He has bought off the Media, Social Media Sites and has wasted Billions of dollars on things that are neither vital nor needed.
He is leading Canada into the hands of the Globalists. He is only a puppet that is being manipulated.
He is not here to lead Canada into a prosperous future, but rather to destroy it.
Canada has now passed the one trillion debt mark. Your children and their children and their children will be faced with this burden.
I am not writing this to tell you how and who to vote for!

We already know that he will lie, cheat, manipulate, and steal to achieve his and the Globalists agenda!
We must stop him at all costs.
He must not be allowed to sow this destruction!

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