The Hidden War Part II

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This is an Opinion Piece

In this piece I will briefly be talking about the Globalist Agenda, the Cabal, the NWO, and the UN and how they are trying to take over Canada and the World.

So who are the players in this crime against humanity?

On The World Stage

The UN and its Agencies

UN Groups.jpg

The Cabal

The Cabal.jpg

The New World Order


This is the overall picture of many of the main players. There are others. Main Stream Media. Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
I am not going to elaborate on the first three in this article. You can always do your own research on them now that you know the names. Suffice to say, they are all deeply involved in the Canadian landscape as they are in most every country around the world.

When Bill Clinton was in office he was asked a question by White House reporter Sara Mclinden "why he didn't do something about disclosure?" This was related to the "UFO" coverup.
He replied, "Sara, there is a Government inside the Government and I don't control it!"
JFK mentioned this very same thing just weeks before he was assassinated.
This government is also known as "The Deep State."
You have to remember, these people neither advertise their existence nor their operations. They stay and work in the shadows and manipulate the world.
They hold vast amounts of wealth, influence and power. They are Royal families, the Rothschilds, Koch Brothers, Bronfman family, Slim family, the Du Ponts, Robert Richards, the Ferraros, the Bushes, the Astors, the Tata family, the Waltons, and the Rockefellers.
If you remember from Part I, Lord Acton stated, "Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely."
These families can buy anything and anybody they want! They are the most corrupt people on Earth.
We mean nothing to them. We are just the worker ants and our only usefulness is to make them richer.
Your life and the lives of your children mean nothing to them. If you get in their way they will just bury you and yours.
With all this power and wealth they have become some of the most depraved beings on this planet.
Pedophilia, human trafficking, sex trafficking, the drug trade (both legal and illegal), and slavery and murder are not above nor below them.
They know no bounds nor justice. There is no one to stop them.

Now we come to Canada.

Politics in Canada is and always has been a "dirty" business. By its very nature it is sometimes cruel, dishonest and deceitful.
Around 1968 Pierre Trudeau swept into power. Pierre Trudeau was intelligent, fluently bilingual, and certainly had a charm about him. He dodged the second world war and had a respect for Nazi Germany and later, Fidel Castro.
These tendencies showed when he would ride his motorbike around Montreal dressed in a Nazi Uniform.
From these actions and probably others, I would class him as a socialist and maybe even a communist in his thought process. He was definitely arrogant and narcissistic and thought highly of his French Canadian heritage, even to the point that he believed French Canadians were better than the rest of Canadians (they aren't).
He did accomplish his goal of bringing a new constitution to Canada. His motives for this, in part, was to loosen Canadas ties to the monarchy, which he really did not like.
in 1971 he brought Bilingualism and Multiculturalism to the country. His motives for doing this remain unclear, at least to me. It was a mistake of epic proportions. Instead of uniting Canadians it divided us into regions and tribes.
It brought about the hyphenated Canadian, as in French-Canadian, Scottish-Canadian, etc. We started to congregate into groups. We now have parts of cities that are Chinese-Canadians, Somalian-Canadians and so on.
Trudeau did not like western Canada and tried his best to isolate us, especially in Alberta, which was the energy center of the country. It took almost a decade before Alberta recovered from his onslaught on the oil industry, 12% inflation, and 23% mortgages.

We plodded along quite well until 2015, even making it through the 2008 disaster, only because our banking system had more safeguards than our neighbor to the south.
In 2015, Stephen Harper, was defeated after almost a decade as the PM of Canada. The liberals swept into power with Pierre's son, Justin Trudeau as leader. His "good looks" and "nice hair" won the hearts of many young voters and women. He was elected on only one of his promises, that he was going to legalize marijuana.
Justin Trudeau never had a real job in his life. He was a trust fund kid and toured around the world partying.
No worries, no concerns and no responsibilities. A entitled lifestyle. In part because he came from a broken home. A mother that had mental problems and a father that shared much of the same entitlement as himself.
All of a sudden he was the Prime Minister of the second largest country on earth. That would be enough to give even a saint a swollen head! He did not adjust well to the new position.
This was evident when he announced his cabinet. He touted himself as the first "feminist" PM.


If you count the males and the females in his cabinet you will note that there are 15 of each. Ah, Gender equality, what a concept.
This was laziness on his part. All other PM's spend time going through resumes and finding the best person for the position. Not our Justin. He picked 15 penises and 15 vaginas! He was lauded for his progressive views.
At this point, sane Canadians knew we were in trouble. His next move confirmed our fears when Hillary Clinton came by for a visit and Trudeau donated $20,000,000 to her "foundation". Obama also showed up to give our little Justin some of his sound advice from his failed Presidency.
To understand Trudeau one just has to realize that he is a narcissist of the highest order. He is a socialist at heart and he is a sociopath. He lacks empathy, compassion and heart. He is lazy and would rather be playing on the beach making sand castles. Basically an emotionally stunted man-child.

Watch this short clip if you don't believe me. Listen to what he says.

Our Canadian Masters


George Soros hastily beat a path to Trudeaus door. He knew he had a young susceptible kid he could mould.
Soros runs many environmental groups. He believes in Open Societies. "George Soros used his fortune to create the Open Society Foundations—a network of foundations, partners, and projects in more than 120 countries." He also paid protesters to block pipelines.
George Soros is a nasty piece of work and I am being kind here! The man is nothing but pure evil. He thinks of nothing but himself and how he can get richer. He was responsible for the deaths of thousands of his own Hungarian-Jewish people during the war. He spreads chaos and disorder so he can reap the benefits. He broke the Bank of England and pocketed over a billion dollars. No thought to the hardships he brought to millions of people! This evil man is not to be trusted!
Read his history here.

(Right Click to open a new tab)

The Dark History of George Soros

The Puppets Advisors

puppets advisors.jpg


Trudeau's cabinet is made up of ill equipped people with no experience. They have fumbled their way through four years of disasters.

The Carbon Tax

The Liberals brought in a "Carbon Tax" based on the UN's IPCC and their fudged numbers. Bill C-74 came into effect in 2018. It has cost us billions of dollars and made life harder for Canadians. The results of this have been dismal, to say the least! The amount of carbon released into the atmosphere has been steadily increasing in Canada. Canada brought in carbon tax nation wide on January 1st, 2019
Several provinces imposed a tax earlier.
Canada is a carbon sink. We absorb 20% to 30% more than we produce. Should the world not be paying us carbon credits?
Look Here

Foreign Investment

All of the money that Trudeau squanders is borrowed from private banks. Before 1975 governments used to borrow from the bank of Canada at 0% interest. After 1975 both Conservative and Liberal governments now borrow from private banks. Our debt has increased because of these interest payments. We spend billions a year servicing this debt and the interest. Private Banks? In other words we are paying the Cabal for money which taxpayers have to repay. Trudeau and his Bag Man find nothing wrong in showering the world with borrowed money. In the meantime our military, homeless folks, schools and hospitals do without.

Our Canadian market debt has topped the one trillion dollar mark for the first time in our nations history.

$1,066,000,000,000 in Debt!

(Market Debt is the value of Bank debt that firms have, or in this case the federal government, that is not directly reported on their balance sheets and therefore must be calculated.)

The Lies and Betrayals of the Liberals

Here are some links to follow.
28 Lies

More Scandals and Bad Policies

5 Lies

I could list hundreds of YouTube videos and links to article here, but you can find them for yourself.
Suffice to say, Trudeau is a pathological liar and when he is not lying he just avoids the question and goes off on a ramble that has nothing to do with the question asked.

No PM has ever had an Ethics Violation, except for Trudeau and members of his cabinet.

This is the most corrupt government in Canada's history!

This government is in bed with the UN. They follow the UN policies like a puppy with a new owner.
Climate Change and the IPCC. The UN Compact on Migration. The flooding of Islam into Canada. Radical Muslim Imams openly spreading hate to their flock. The dividing of Canadians against one another. Bringing ISIS murders back to Canada without any penalties. Gay rights. Gender equality. Gender Identity. Mandatory Gender Pronouns. Thought policing. The Kangaroo Court of Human Rights Tribunals. Gun Control.

This is all part of the Globalist plan to achieve their A New World Order.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”
"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night."
Sun Tzu.

Trudeaus government is manufacturing Chaos as part of his long term goal. This is the first part of his plan. If he gets elected for another four years we will see the second part of his plan. This part he will solve all of these chaos and crisis he has created and be the hero of his story. And Trudeau wants to be loved as the "Hero" of Canada!

Given his upbringing, his love of the gay community and transgenderism, his connections with known pedophiles, his buyout of Main Stream Media, his control of social media, his interference in the election process, his blocking of dissenting voices, his blatant disregard for the rule of law, his Pay to Play policies, his pathological lying, his narcissism, his outright hate for Western Canada, his belief that Quebec is the only country in Canada, his deceitful and disgusting scandals and coverups, and I could go on and on.
The underlying fact is; Justin Trudeau does not have the best interests of all Canadians as his motivation.
He only has his interests and those of his Communistic regime!

To All my fellow Canadians and Patriots that love this country, this is a warning. If this deceiver gets elected for another term, Canada will cease to be the country we call home! It will be The New World Order and the Caliphate with another UN puppet dictator at its Head.
Please Do Not Let This Happen. Use your vote!

It May Be The Last One You Get!

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